Monday, November 8, 2010

How Do You Grow People?

Even before I had a relationship with Jesus, he was using other people to invest in and grow me, I had no idea that He would use me to grow others around me. I'm the last person in the world that He could use to advance His Kingdom.
I accepted Christ and was baptized in '09 and since then He has used me to invest in others, for example, my son Brandon and my friend Chase. Why? I don't deserve it. I'm a sinner.
Being the father of my son Brandon, it is a little easier to make that heartfelt impact on him because he lives with me (and, he has no choice). I volunteer every Sunday at Revolution Church, over the past few months he has been serving inside in the RevKids area (proud of him) but then he switched area's and wanted to serve outside in the parking lot with me (like I'm gonna cut him some slack, whatever). My wife and I tithe. He has also started to tithe, unselfishly he tithed out of his birthday money and recently he gave all of his allowance money to the Advance Initiative to help build the new building. While this has all been happening , he accepted Christ into his life and wanted to be baptized. He asked me if I would help baptize him, I will never forget that moment or that feeling. How many dad's get to baptize their son's? Thank you Jesus. I helped baptize him October 6th.
And then there is my friend Chase. He started working with me a few months ago, he didn't go to church, so I started telling him about Revolution and how it has made an impact in my life and how it might change his. He didn't have a relationship with God, deep down I knew he desperatly needed to have one. He needed to hear the Gospel and build his relationship with Christ, but how? He had no car to get to church. So I started to pick him up from his grandfather's house every Sunday morning to set up with us. I introduced him to new people and he started building relationships throughout our church. Since then he has accepted Christ into his life and was baptised. I had the privelage to help baptize him November 3rd, I'll never forget that day either. How many people get to baptise their friends? He started bringing his parents to church with him a couple of months ago and they were all baptized the same night. He grew people in his life also.
I can't wait to see how Brandon and Chase share the Gospel and grow people throughout their lives, I'm pround of how far both of them have come in such a short time and I pray that one day, by sharing their faith, each of them will get to baptize their son and friends.
How do you grow people? Make an investment in people's lives the way others have invested in yours.