Wednesday, July 27, 2011

God Hit My Refresh Button

You know how your phone or computer needs to be refreshed to update you on the latest things going on after you've been idle for a while? Well, God has totally hit the refresh button in my life and he is blowing my mind right now!
Things have really been changing over the past few months since I've been back from Haiti. God is moving BIG TIME in my life right now. For example... when we returned from Haiti, some of the people who went on the mission tried talking me into signing back up to go again in October. I was reluctant to sign up again because I didn't know how I could get enough money together so soon to return on another mission. But I always knew the May trip was not going to be my last trip with Haiti Cheri, so I signed up to go again and would wait to see what happened. If you have ever doubted that God will provide you with resources to do his work, then listen to this...exactly one week after I signed up, Dan from Haiti Cheri told me not to worry about getting all of the money together for the trip, someone anonymously donated most of the cost for my return trip to Haiti. I was totally blown away, but I knew it was all God's planning, just like the first trip when I trusted him to come through.
Almost 11 years ago my wife gave birth to our son Brandon. He's an awesome kid who loves Jesus, church, Atlanta Braves baseball, BullDawg football and of course video games. We thought he was going to be our only child for a long time, but God has a different plan. We found out a couple of months ago that we will be blessed with our second child! What? We have no idea what the gender is yet but the due date is around the middle of December and we are super excited no matter what it is. This gives me proof that God has a sense of humor, 11 years apart? Really? At least Brandon will be able to drive his sibling to any ball games and babysit when we are in need :)
I work with my brother Mike and his business partner Josh (who is like a brother at this point), I've been with them from almost the very beginning of them starting their own company 16 years ago. We built a successful business together over the years through our hard work and our constant building of personal relationships with different builders and general contractors. I've also built amazing relationships with several employee's over the years (Kitty, Rapheal, Travo, Chad and BJ just to name a few), but I was recently presented with a job opportunity at a different company that God has his hands in, doing something totally different (concrete) and I've decided to take it. Some people might think I'm crazy and think I'm throwing away the last 15 years in a career, but, I'm ready to be "refreshed" and anxious to see what God does through this exciting new career.
Over the past few years I've been learning to trust God with everything in my life and submit to all he wants to do in me and through me. If it's going back to serve him in Haiti, cool. If it's having another child after 11 years, awesome. And even if it's starting a new job after 15 years, bring it on! One thing that you have to realize is that God IS going to hit the "refresh" button at some point in your life when you least expect it and even sometimes when you don't want him to.