Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not A Normal Sunday

I went to church today expecting a normal Sunday...but was clearly reminded of why we are there. I'm not gonna get wrapped up in writing about what Jesus is doing in my life, but rather let you know what Jesus is doing in the lives of other people who call Revolution home.
I was standing in the back parking lot talking with 2 of the Parking Team leaders today about how we can help the flow of traffic on Sunday morning be more efficient for the people who visit our church. As we were talking, one of the other parking dudes pulled up ready to leave to be with his family and stopped to ask us to pray for him. We were like "sure dude what's up?" He said "I feel like God is calling me to start a soccer league for Hispanic kids in downtown Canton"...we said "cool"! He said "you don't understand, I don't know anything about Canton soccer fields, or soccer for that matter and I don't even know a word of Spanish" All we could do was pray over and with him.
You want to talk about stepping out in faith...this guy has it...he's a football coach y'all and I mean like American football, not "futbol". But he is willing to do whatever it takes to reach kids in our community and tell them about Jesus...even when he can't speak their language. I'm honored to know this guy and can't wait to see what God does with him. This isn't about coaching a group of kids to learn a sport, but rather discipling kids to lead a nation. They are the next generation leaders...if participating in a sport is what leads them to Christ...who are we to say that a dude that can't even speak their language can't lead them to Jesus and even lead them to discipling their parents as well?
If you know ANYTHING about soccer, speak Spanish or even want to come along side of this guy to make an impact in Canton, please feel free to contact me or post on this blog. Thanks for reading y'all.